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We live in the age of resilience

Cyber incidents are a way of life

In the age of resiliency organisations can be sure that breaches and other cyber incidents can and will happen.

Instead of only working to prevent attacks, organisations need to prepare for the inevitable to ensure that their ability to bounce back is optimised, thus ensuring that the negative impact on operational continuity and on customer relationships is minimised.

The importance of incident response and threat hunting is underlined by developments such as the NIS Directive, Data Breach Notification Laws and the increasing levels of transparency created by the general media, as well as by credit and other types of rating agencies.

Chronos is for you if you are:

An internal security, incident response or forensics professional

An external consultant who works with customers to deliver security, incident response or forensics services

Chronos is the tool for professionals who want reliable, robust, secure and flexible solutions to optimise productivity and results.

Successful response strategies are based on accurate insights

In any given incident, security teams need to provide insights into 4 key issues: how, what, when and, to the extent possible, who.

Getting fast, reliable and insightful answers to these questions is tough at the best of times, let alone when the whole organisation is in panic mode and everyone, from senior executives, to customers and investors, are screaming for answers.

People at the coalface of an incident need to assert a strong sense of calm and control, which they do by leveraging their talent and expertise and by executing well-scripted and tested processes.

In most organisations today, the sheer volume and complexity of systems and data means that this task is very daunting unless a tool designed to cope with precisely the sorts of issues that an incident presents supports it.

How ...

How ...

... did the breach take place?

What ...

What ...

... data or information was exfiltrated?

When ...

When ...

... did the incident take place and how long did it take?

Who ...

Who ...

... was the attacker and / or where were they from?

Chronos Use Cases and Differentiators

All of the use cases defined below are available through a simple subscription model that aligns what you pay with what you use. There is no need to deploy infrastructure in your environment.
Chronos is accessed through a portal on any device and as we continue to invest in evolving the platform, you immediately benefit from these enhancements. As a customer, you will have dedicated access to technical platform support and to our Experts for specific case inquiries.

Chronos is ideally suited to this scenario because it:

  • Allows for extremely fast collection

  • Collects raw data files

  • Benefits from broad - and constantly growing - artefact coverage

  • Produces insightful reports automatically

  • Scales up to very large infrastructure

  • Leaves no trace on your systems once the required actions have been

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Incident Response

Incident Response

When your organisation has suffered a breach, the key challenge is to provide an accurate assessment of the situation as quickly as possible. This assessment needs to be robust enough to support both technical and management decisions aimed at containing the damage, communicating actions to stakeholders and getting disrupted parts of the business back on their feet.

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Chronos is ideally suited to this scenario because it:

  • Has no chance of having been corrupted or compromised through
    exposure to an infected network

  • Can be specifically targeted and can scale up to very large

  • Is set up and run very quickly, even on extensive networks

  • Is compatible with all major systems

  • Draws on a powerful threat intel backbone

  • Leverages Machine Learning to continuously improve its effectiveness

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Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting

In our experience, most organisations have already been compromised and many may not know it yet. When you want to proactively search out cyber threats to your organisation, some of the critical success factors are about ensuring that your approach is stealthy, broad-based and high quality intelligence-driven to avoid being blindsided on the one hand, or inundated by false-positives on the other.

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Chronos is ideally suited to this scenario because it:

  • Is a self-contained set of modules that allow the case to be
    executed end-to-end

  • Leaves the affected environment untouched; Chronos acts on copies of
    the originals

  • Collects raw (un-processed) data

  • Enables easy tagging of evidence

  • Is secure-by-design in its entirety: application modules, data
    transmission, storage

  • Ensures optimum processing time through configurable depth of

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When undertaking a forensic investigation, the integrity and systematic nature of the process is one of the elements of paramount importance, ensuring that findings are considered legitimate, correct and actionable.

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Examples of customers
that have leveraged Chronos

"We use Chronos on all our incident response work because we found that it supports our consultants to maximize their efficiency and productivity on small and large jobs."

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Chronos benefits:


Collection and processing speeds ensure you spend your time on analysis and action.


Designed by experts with deep understanding of investigative processes, IT and security. Avoid bad assumptions and false conclusions.


Easy to deploy and remove to ensure no further disruption to your network and business.


Minimal training and set up requirements mean you are up and running in no time.


Can just as easily be deployed onto a single machine or onto a large network of thousands.


We are driving an aggressive development roadmap and constantly delivering new and improved capabilities.

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